Our Services

What We Provide

Certification and routine testing and inspection as required by all relevant government and industry standards include:

  • All Fire equipment compliance certificates including Form 71 and Form 16
  • Emergency lights testing, repairs and replacements
  • Fire Extinguishers supply and installation, testing and certification
  • Pressure Testing of all fire extinguishers
  • Fire Hydrant testing and certification
  • Fire Hose Reel testing, certification
  • Annual flow testing & certification of Hydrant systems
  • Annual backflow testing of backflow devices
  • 5 year Hydrostatic testing
  • Alarm panel testing, maintenance and installation
  • Smoke and heat detector testing, maintenance and installation
  • Fire Door, smoke door and solid core door Inspection, certification, maintenance repairs and installation
  • Annual fire safety audits
  • Fire signage development and installation (including Evacuation Diagrams, Evacuation Signs, Engraved Block Plans and Boost Signs)
  • Evacuation Practice (including Fire Warden training and development of Fire Evacuation Plan)
  • Staff Training (including use of a fire extinguisher)
  • Building Fire Protection Compliance Audits
  • Electronic reporting and record Maintenance
  • Customised quotations
  • Commissioning of fire appliance installations
  • Engraved block plans and boost signs for hydrant installations
  • Booster cabinets – supply and installation
  • Fire pump maintenance inspections (diesel and electric)
  • 24 hour emergency support line for clients

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