Fire Safety Training

Standard Evacuation Practice

Firepak develops and supplies a customised Fire & Evacuation Plan for your building and provides annual review of your existing Plan (as required by the Building Fire and Safety Regulation). Our trainer works through the Fire & Evacuation plan with attendees to ensure everyone is familiar with evacuation procedures in the event of an emergency. At the completion of this instruction attendees must sign the Evacuation Plan as evidence of attendance. The signed copy of the plan must be maintained on the premises. Our training clients rely on Firepak to remind them annually when their Evacuation Practice and Plan review is due and can be confident in knowing all of their compliance issues will be addressed. 

FSA Training

Residential Buildings that are more than 10 stories in height or workplaces with 30 or more employees must appoint one or more Evacuation Coordinators and instruction must be provided by a qualified Fire Safety Advisor. Our Firepak representative is qualified as a Fire Safety Advisor and is nominated as the FSA for your building (resulting in considerable savings of time and cost associated with this specialised training). Additional instructions must be given to Evacuation Coordinators and consequently FSA training is generally comprised of two sessions (although this is not always necessary). A more detailed Fire & Evacuation Plan must also be prepared. Preparation of a High Occupancy Fire and Evacuation Plan and annual review of this plan are included in the training package. Attendees sign the Plan which must then be retained on site. Firepak automatically schedules annual training for clients and becomes responsible for ensuring all instruction compliance requirements are met. 

Staff Training

In addition to annual Evacuation Practice, staff training includes instruction in the use of Fire fighting equipment located on the premises. This most commonly includes fire extinguishers, fire blankets and fire hose reels. Your Firepak instructor will explain the Fire & Evacuation Plan and evacuation procedures for your building and demonstrate the use of an extinguisher before providing staff with the opportunity to extinguish a simulated fire. Annual scheduling together with supply and review of your Fire & Evacuation Plan is also included in this package.

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