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Tap into our resources to generate the right response for your property. Whether you are a Body Corporate Member, Building/Facility Manager or Strata Manager contact us today for prompt and accurate answers to  all of your building fire safety requirements. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Firepak is an established and respected local business with extensive experience and networks.
  • All work is carried out by qualified and experienced technicians and specialists.
  • Our customised record maintenance database generates simple to read reports and automated client maintenance schedules.
  • The Firepak Environmental Protection Initiative supports recycling of extinguishers through pressure testing to minimise pollution caused by disposal of old extinguishers in landfill.
  • Firepak is competitively priced and provides 24 hour emergency support for clients.

We provide free quotes for Routine Testing of all appliances.

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Address: Unit 3, 42 Owen Creek Rd
Forest Glen QLD 4556
Postal: PO Box 1406,
Buderim Q, 4556
Phone: (07) 5445 3888